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After Botox injection care

After Botox injection care is incredibly crucial when it comes to Botox or Dermal Filler treatment. It’s something important that many people usually overlook. Majorly, Botox treatments do not need any resting or suspension of any activities by the patient. Normal, day to day activities can be resumed after the procedure.


Botox treatments, if appropriately done, are completely safe, but some patients can experience a few side effects which are temporary in nature. These include temporary bruising accompanied by pain at the site of treatment, nausea, redness, headache, numbness, etc. To avoid these side effects, the Botox experts have few Botox injection aftercare ideas, as follows.


Use of Ice pack

For any swelling or bruising, you can gently apply an ice pack. If you’re prone to bruising, you can also try arnica tablets as a preventative measure. Start the day before treatment and carry on for five days afterwards.


Give it a Rest

Do not lie down for three hours after the treatment. Also, avoid any exposure to a hot tub, sauna, or tanning for the following four hours. This will prevent a rise in your blood pressure and thus, minimise the risk of bruising after treatment.


No Exercise for 24 to 48 Hours

Exercise is excellent for your health and well-being, but, is not advised to do so within a day or two following your cosmetic treatment.  Physical activity increases your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow.  Minimal blood flow enables damaged capillaries to repair quickly.


Keep Your Head Elevated

When going to bed in the evening of your Botox treatment, use an extra pillow to keep your head elevated.


Use Proboxin

The world's first Botox aftercare cream, Proboxin, is the best solution for treating swelling following Botox treatment. The ingredients used are excellent for reducing swelling, redness and temporary bruises after the Botox treatment. The formulation has specially selected ingredients which aid healing and minimise recovery time.

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