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How to reduce swelling after Botox

swelling after Botox

Botox is also called as a lunchtime procedure because it usually takes less than 20 minutes and needs little to no downtime later. That means - you can schedule your appointment for Botox during your lunch break because you’ll be able to return to work immediately. Following tips will help you after the procedure to ensure smooth results and a quick recovery.

1. Avoid heat

For the first 24hrs after your Botox treatment, try to avoid hot showers, baths and other types of heat exposure. Heat makes the blood vessels dilate increasing your chances of bruising. Preventing heat for the first day will significantly reduce your risk of bruising post Botox injections. Apply a cold compress instead!

2. Avoid Strenuous Exercise for 24 Hours

Although there’s no real downtime associated with Botox, it’s still a good idea not to run a marathon or go for a bungee jumping for at least the first day. You might notice some mild bruising, redness, or swelling during this time, so avoiding strenuous activity can help to keep you relaxed while your body is on the recovery mode. This also offers the toxin enough time to 'settle' so that your results don’t alter or become uneven.

3. Don’t Rub the Injection Area

Again, you should not stimulate any movement near the injection area for the first day after your Botox treatment, as this can negatively affect your final results (that should be visible within 2 to 7 days). Avoid massaging or rubbing these parts for better results.

4. Refrain from NSAIDs or Blood Thinners

Consumption of NSAIDs or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may lead to bruising. These medications include Aleve, Advil, Aspirin and Motrin. Avoid taking these medicines or any other blood thinners for at least the first 24 hrs after your Botox treatment, and be sure to let your physician know of any current medication you’re taking before getting Botox to ensure your safety and best results.

Proboxin is one of the best solutions to combat the side-effects of Botox. Many physicians administering Botox treatment recommend Proboxin cream for a speedy recovery and Botox aftercare. The cream is entirely organic and has not been tested on animals. Formulated to decrease recovery time after treatment, it also reduces the signs of redness. It helps in minimising bruising and reduce the causes of headaches after surgery.

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