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These tips can prevent Swelling After Dermal Fillers treatment

Swelling After Dermal Fillers treatment

Dermal fillers are a fantastic and safe treatment of adding volume to hollow cheekbones and filling out depressions in the eye area to help patients rejuvenate their beautiful look and smile. Although this treatment is safe, like any other clinical procedure, it does not lack a side effect.

One of the most common side effects of dermal fillers is swelling experienced around the treated area(s). This is independent of your specialist’s years of experience or how good they are. It is a something to expect in a treatment that involves injection.

Below are some tips to prevent and correct swelling after dermal fillers treatment;

Normally, resulting swellings from dermal fillers usually disappear after few days, but some or all of these tips can prevent it from ever occurring or getting worse.

• Do not schedule important occasions for a week before or after the treatment. If you are planning a wedding, have the treatment 3 to 4 weeks before the D-day especially if you are more likely to bruise and have a slow recovery rate.

• Avoid medications like Aspirin, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Ibuprofen at least 5 days before your treatment. Your physician will recommend the right anaesthesia or analgesia to use in case there is a need for such.

• Avoid exercises before and a few days after the dermal filler treatment.

• Press the treated area with ice bag immediately after the procedure.

• Avoid direct exposure of your skin to sun or heat. Wearing a hat and/or using sunscreen in about 20 mins prior stepping out into the sun is highly recommended.

• Do not touch, rub or squeeze the treated areas to avoid worsening any swelling.

• Use Proboxin cream to reduce swelling after dermal fillings.

Using the Proboxin cream after your dermal fillers treatment will speed up your recuperation, thereby enabling you to keep your treatment discreet such that no one will notice unless you tell them.

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