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Botox aftercare & what you should avoid

Just as in other medical treatment, what you do after the session is as important as during the session. Aftercare is a very important thing to consider after your Botox treatment, as any mistake could undo the treatment or even result in health complications.

Botox aftercare may determine how long the recovery will last and how much of the side effects of the treatment you may experience.

What You Should Not Do

The major concern of aftercare Botox treatment is not always what you should do to make the treatment works, it is about what you should avoid. Your specialists would have done all that is required to ensure the treatment works.

Laying Down

Immediately after your Botox treatment, don’t lie down. This aftercare tip is to avoid Botox from spreading to other parts of your face other than the targeted area. It takes about 90 minutes for Botox to bound to the muscle. So, sitting up for the first 4 hours after treatment is advisable.

Rubbing Or Massaging The Area

Aftercare Botox treatment requires you don’t rub or massage the injected point or area at least within the next 24 hours to avoid complications like ptosis, bruising and swelling. Ptosis could be caused by seep of Botox into the eyelid which you may have encouraged while rubbing or massaging.

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

At least for the next 24 hours after Botox treatment, do not smoke or drink alcohol. Smoking will increase your Botox aftercare healing time. While alcohol can thin your blood ― this could increase the probability of bruising.

Exercises and Drugs

Exercise increases blood flow and this may transport Botox to other areas of the face and also wiping off sweat after exercise is similitude to rubbing and massaging which should be avoided. Drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen increases the chance of bruising.

Botox Aftercare London

The use of Proboxin cream during the time of Botox aftercare London will help to control after effects of Botox treatment. The cream is specially designed to be used for 7 days post-treatment, morning and night.

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