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Causes and Treatment of Swelling After Botox

Treatment of Swelling After Botox

Botox treatment is safe and has no reported severe complication reported after the procedure. This does not however signify it is never accompanied with some side effects. Luckily, all of the reported side effects of the procedure disappears after few hours or days.

One of the most common side effects of Botox treatment is swelling at the area of the injection. Botox swelling usually restores itself within two weeks after the treatment. Sometimes, this side effect is observed the second or third day after the procedure while most are experienced same day the procedure was performed.

Causes of Botox Swelling

Some patients skin is very sensitive to injection and irrespective of the administered medication, they will experience some swelling around the injection area. And if patients are allergic to certain constituents of Botox, this may also result in swelling. When swelling is observed beneath the lower eyelid, it is due to the eyelid’s inactivity. The muscle of the lower eyelid is designed to act as a pump to remove tissue fluid from the skin and soft tissue. When injected with Botox, the action is inhibited, hence, fluid accumulate.

Certain medications and supplements such as Aspirin, ginseng, fish oil and Ibuprofen can also contribute to swelling after Botox.

Treating Botox Swelling

Swelling after Botox is can be treated by compressing the swollen part with ice immediately after the treatment and daily till it disappears within the first 2 weeks after the Botox treatment. You may also speak to your doctor to recommend not interfering medications to ease the swollen pain in case you are experiencing any. If you will prefer a cost-effective, quick and easy-to-use Botox swelling treatment, Proboxin is what you need. The Botox aftercare cream is the first of its kind and can help correct swelling after Botox treatment faster and safer. You only need to apply it twice daily ― morning and night.

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