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How to prevent bruising after Botox?

Prevent bruising after Botox

Botox treatments have become very popular as most people are currently working to keep up with facial aging. This type of treatment is convenient for most people as one does not usually feel any pain or even need lots of time to recover as is with most cosmetic surgeries.

It however comes with side effects which is majorly bruising around the area that was injected. It is therefore important that you do the following in order to prevent bruising after botox .

It is important to note that there are things you can do before and after a botox

Before the treatment:

  • Keep off blood thinners:

If you are under any medication, it is important to consult with your doctor or pharmacists on whether they have any thinning effects. If they actually do, you should discontinue taking them seven days before having a botox. Such kind of medication include aspirin and NSAIDS such as motrin.

  • Do not take alcohol 24 hours prior to receiving the injection

Alcohol affects how the platelets work and this therefore increases your chances of bruising. You should therefore avoid alcohol in order to avoid bruising after botox.

  • Work with an experienced professional .

It is important that you find a professional and especially one who has experience. This will increase your chances of not experiencing bruising after botox. An experienced injector will have the knowledge of the exact place to inject while avoiding the major blood vessels which primarily when interfered with cause botox bruising.

After the treatment

  • Avoid excess physical activity

Excess physical activity increases the heart rate as well as blood flow which in turn makes it hard for capillaries to heal at the area where the injection was conducted.

  • Do not touch

Do not touch the area where you were injected for at least 6 hours. Also putting any pressure on this area can worsen bruising.

We hope that the above tips will help you in preventing bruising in case you are looking forward to having a botox.

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