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Inflammation after Botox

Common Side Effects for Cosmetic Botox

There is virtually no downtime associated with Botox injections, but there are side effects. Fortunately, Botox injection side effects are mild and temporary for the most part, although reactions do vary across individuals. Here are some common Botox side effects.


Redness and swelling

After Botox is injected into your skin, you may experience redness and swelling at the site. Sometimes there is a tiny, pink-coloured dot where the needle was inserted, but this mark goes away after a few minutes. Any post-Botox redness and swelling are usually temporary, with skin returning to normal within few days. Redness and inflammation after Botox injection are much common after effects for most patients.


Pain at the injection site

Botox can hurt! However, it usually depends on your skin and the skill of the doctor. Some people experience pain during Botox injections while others don't feel a thing! To minimise pain, the injection site is usually iced before and after the Botox injections or a topical numbing cream is used. If you do experience pain, it only lasts as long as it takes to inject the Botox into your skin.



Contrary to popular belief, a bruising after Botox is not a hint of a botched Botox job. Bruising after Botox, or post injection ecchymosis can happen even with the most skilled Botox injector! There are two types of Botox bruises, which are immediate bruising and delayed bruising. The immediate bruising shows up a few hours after the injection, while delayed bruising can take 1-2 days before you see it on your skin.

As the needle is inserted into your facial muscles, a blood vessel may get punctured, causing minor bleeding inside your skin. A Botox injector will put slight pressure on the injected site for a few seconds to stop possible bleeding and prevent bruising. If the bleeding inside the skin isn't completely stopped, you will get a bruise.


The inflammation after Botox can be countered by the Proboxin, the world's first Botox aftercare cream. This magical formulation has proven effective on all the above mentioned temporary side effects of Botox treatment. It's anti-inflammatory properties counter the Botox inflammation and offer immediate relief to your skin.

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