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Swelling After Botox

Swelling After Botox

Botox or botulinum toxin has a variety of uses. It can be used to prevent or slow down the development of wrinkles. It also has many therapeutic applications like treating migraines, crossed eyes, muscle spasms and many among others. For maximum safety, Botox must be administered by a certified, medical professional only.

What are the common

side-effects of Botox?

Pain, inflammation, bruising and swelling after Botox are pretty common in several patients. Swelling and bruising usually occur at the injection site. Areas with more number of blood vessels, like the crow's feet around the eyes, have a more significant risk of bruising and swelling after Botox. Because it takes several hours for Botox toxin to bind to the acetylcholine receptors, doing activities which increase blood pressure can develop swelling after Botox.

Under eye puffiness after Botox

Botox treatment around the eye area can be very tricky. Sometimes, the result is terrific, and sometimes the outcome is less than acceptable despite sufficient muscle relaxation. It happens due to a small muscle pumping action, and that creates the fluid accumulation in the eyelid skin, called lymphedema. The swelling after Botox makes your under-eye region puffy and unappealing.

Proboxin cream

Proboxin Repair & Restore

Proboxin offers you instant relief and saves you from hiding away your face. ‘Proboxin’ is smartly designed to overcome the physical side effects of Botox injections so that users can maintain the discrete nature of their cosmetic procedure. The formulation is prepared using selected natural components which aid in healing the swelling and minimise the overall time for recovery. All ingredients are naturally sourced and completely organic. Proboxin cream is hypoallergenic in nature and free of alcohol, sulphates, and parabens. Its quick action formula and soothing effect help you diminish the swelling after Botox in a shorter period.

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