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Want to Prevent Bruising after Botox ?

The rate of the reported bruise from a physician’s client is one of the criteria potential patients are now using to decide which expert to use for their Botox treatment. No one could blame them since they will be paying for the procedure, as most insurance companies do not cover for this treatment. Even if the company did, who loves a bruise?

Depending on a physician’s experiences and its good rapport with his potential Botox candidate to ensure all required pre-treatment precautions ― such as no exercise 48-hours prior ― are well observed can reduce the possibility of bruising after Botox can be significantly reduced. However, the aftercare of your Botox treatment is as important as the pre-treatment preparation.

There are two types of Botox bruises ― immediate bruising and delayed bruising. The immediate bruising shows up a few hours after the injection, while delayed bruising can take few days before becoming evident.

Proboxin cream is the first of its kind formulated to reduce bruising after Botox treatment. The cream is expected to be used consecutively for seven days after the treatment, twice daily ― morning and night.

This advanced aftercare cream for Botox treatment has been proven to be highly effective against bruising. Your recovery rate is fast and no one will even notice you just had a Botox treatment, allowing you to resume your normal life on-time without missing out of anything.

The formulation is 100 per cent natural offering no additional complication to your skin. Some of the organic ingredients include Arnica, Green tea, Passion Fruit, Retinol and SPF-25 which hasten recovery and minimises recovery time.

Proboxin aftercare cream not only reduces the risk of bruising after botox, but it also reduces redness, swelling and headache which are the most report side effects of the treatment. The anti-inflammatory properties will also be reduced with this cream.

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