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Six Things To Avoid Post Botox

Six Things To Avoid Post Botox

Once you’ve decided to get Botox, it is necessary to take proper care post treatment to achieve the desired results. While the results differ from person to person, you can still have the maximum desired results if you avoid certain things. Avoid the following things after the Botox treatment to prevent the after effects of Botox and get the best results.

1. Touching

It is important to avoid touching the injected area 24 hrs following the surgery. A Botox injection is specifically administered to deliver the desired effects and touching may result in it moving to unwanted muscles.

2. Alcohol and Painkillers

Certain drugs, like aspirin, along with juice must be avoided as they are the blood thinners and can cause excessive bleeding. Aspirin and alcohol should be avoided for at least 48 hrs following the Botox treatment.

3. Careless Sleeping

It is advised to avoid the horizontal sleeping position for about 4-5 hrs following your Botox treatment to allow the injected material to settle within your body as intended. When you go to sleep in the following days following your surgery, sleep on your back to have the best results.

4. Exercise

There are sometimes when a physician advises against an active lifestyle, but following the Botox treatment, it is necessary to avoid any vigorous activity. You should be able to return to your usual exercise regimen usually after a couple of days, but few people take it easy at least for a week after their treatment.

5. Facials

Facials along with the chemical peels and other facial treatments can impede with the effects of your Botox injection. They may cause unwanted results. You must plan such procedures at least 24 hrs after getting a Botox injection.

6. Travel

It is necessary to stay in touch with and within the reach of your physician following a Botox treatment. That way, if you encounter any unanticipated side effects, you’ll be able to visit your doctor who administered Botox to help with any issue.

One of the easiest way to fight off the after effects of the Botox is Proboxin cream. Proboxin is a unique formulation designed to be used for seven days post Botox treatment, morning and night. Its formulation has specially selected ingredients which aid healing and minimise recovery time.

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